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I am having an issue with Google Analytics where it shows me that the top referrer is my own website. How can this be fixed?




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September 2015

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Hi mvera,


This is really an Analytics question unrelated to AdWords, but let's give it a go here anyway.


Usually what I see is that is listed as the referrer for This happens when traffic from is redirected to by the web server. You can add a little bit of coe the the Analytics tracking code that will stop that.


This example is for the synchronous code. Just before the pageTracker._trackPageview(); line add this:




Then regenerate all site pages.


Best of Luck!




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Google Analytics

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This may be better answered on the analytics forum.


However, that most commonly happens because your referrer URL is breaking. (e.g. your payment processor sends you to a 3rd party site and back. This will break the referrer, and set it as your site being the referrer.


One way of doing that is using the utm_nooverride=1 on those links, or just changing that in the analytics tracking code.

You can see a Google video on that here: