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Google Adwords registers a click, but Youtube doesn't register a view.

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My ad on Adwords sends people to our homepage when clicked. 

On that homepage, there is an embedded Youtube video.

What I find interesting is that today Adwords claims over 150 click-thrus.

But my Youtube views has increased by only about 10.

How could that be?

If they click thru, the Youtube video starts playing automatically.

Surely the Adwords reported clicks and the Youtube views should tally.


What's going wrong?

Re: Google Adwords registers a click, but Youtube doesn't register a v

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There can be several reasons for this discrepancy

  1. Users are living your page before youtube video loads itself and registers a view
  2. Users visiting your page from adwords are browsing on office networks where youtube / video content is blocked
  3. Users dont have flash players installed on their browsers

These are just few reasons there can be other reasons too

I believe you should have analytics code installed on your home page to track visits then may be you can filter down the reasons for this discrepancy.

Hope this helps


Regards, Nik
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