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Google Adwords API Data modified and/or removed up to a month later

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Hi There!


We offer a reporting solution to our partners and in that data we show Google Adwords data pulled though the Adwords API. 


Recently we noticed a data discrepancy that seems to fall outside of the regularly described data discrepancies and I'm wondering if anyone else have come across it.  


As a practical example, say one AdGroup returned through the API has 100 impressions on June 1 when we do an API call for June 1.  However, on July 1 when we make a call for an API call for June 1, the impressions might be lower than they were previously, say 98.


Further, we've noticed that there are cases where AdGroup lines are missing all together from one API call to the next, where an entire row that was returned on June 1 is no longer returned on July 1st,


Our guess is that Google removed some invalid data due to invalid activity (for Clicks, it's described here - but what we do not understand is why the Impressions would vary? 


Also, is there a time period after which the data will not change?  Is it not 3 days, but something closer to 30 days?


Thanks so much!

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Re: Google Adwords API Data modified and/or removed up to a month late

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(1) be certain that the date-ranges, time-zones, all criteria,
ad-status, etc., are exactly identical between the api and ui;
(2) in terms of data-sync, try adjusting the date-ranges;
(3) generally, there is no time period where the data is guaranteed to be final.

that said, the best likely course would be to post the issue with some
additional information -- such as, the exact api request, exact report
definition, exact query, xml response, the user-interface statistics
and time-periods being compared, etc. -- directly in the api forum:!forum/adwords-api
[ minus any personal or private information such as the developer-key ]


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