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Google AdWords and Google Analytics conversion tracking

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Perhaps @RobertCoats or @theniks can help to answer this, as you have been so incredibly helpful before.


To finish applying for Google Grantspro, we need to show a 'conversion.' On our site, a conversion means a PDF download, podcast download, video view, etc. 


In Google Analytics, we already track these as events, and to implement the Adwords conversion tag, we would have to spend an additional $500 dollars with our developers. Is there a way we can tally our 'events' in analytics as conversions? Or is it a must that we track conversions by implementing a tag through Adwords.


Another way of phrasing this- could we apply for Grantspro by indicating 'events' in analytics is what matters for us? If we added the Adwords tracking code, it would simply track the same data, we just need to show this data as a conversion, but want to find a way to do so without having to pay our developers. Is this possible? Non-profits often struggle for money so this may be a concern for others as well. 



        Eric Fischer


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Re: Google AdWords and Google Analytics conversion tracking

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Hi Eric,

Welcome to the community and congratulations on the success you are having with Ad Grants.


A couple of quick answers for you and then a longer one:


1) Yes, you can track events and convert them into goals within Google Analytics. Information on how to do that can be found in the Analytics Help file: Create, edit, and share Goals


2) Yes, you can convert Analytics goals into AdWords conversions without having to add additional code to your website. Information on how to do that can be found in the Analytics help file: Import Analytics Goals & Transactions into AdWords Conversion Tracking


Now for the bit longer answer and how all of this plays into Grantspro:

Before you apply to Grantspro, you REALLY need to understand those conversions. Not just how and where they are happening but the benefit those conversions are having to your organization. Are they conversions that truly support your mission?


Also, if you are just now adding these conversions to AdWords, wait a few more months before applying to Grantspro. Have these conversions in place and make actionable changes within your account based off of the data of those conversions.One of the mistakes that I have seen applicants make is that they rush the application for Grantspro as soon as they hit the $9900 spend mark. And since the decision on a Grantspro application is typically final, that can be a costly mistake to make. So, take your time, understand what is driving the conversions and their impact and make actionable changes based on the data.


I also encourage you to read a Grantspro post from a few weeks ago by a poster who was asking for tips for applying to Grantspro.

Re: Google AdWords and Google Analytics conversion tracking

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Thanks Robert- your advice was helpful and we followed the steps. The more general advice you gave was useful as well.

As I said we followed the steps to implement analytics goals into adwords conversions, but we still have not tracked any conversions? Do you have any advice on this front? Is there something we may have missed? Is this a common issue?


Re: Google AdWords and Google Analytics conversion tracking

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Word to the wise there is LOTS of time lag in this process. Generally takes about 2 days to track.