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Any ideas on how to track phone numbers without confusing google local with multiple numbers?

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it all depends on what you are using for your Phone tracking.

Most 3rd party call tracking programs utilize a snippet of Java Code, to Dynamically (Visually) replace the current REAL Phone number that is coded on your website to one of the "Call tracking numbers in your pool of tracking numbers".

For example:
Your real number is 800-555-XXXX and is coded as such in words on your site ( not in a image).

Visitor A comes to your site and sees 800-555-AAAA
Visitor B comes to your site and sees 800-555-BBBB

These different exclusive phone numbers re-direct the call to your Real Destination Number and track the source, length of call, caller id, etc..

So if you are using the Java Script method, then the Google Bot will see the hard coded number from the site, ( Like what you would see from a Right Click View Source Code) in your browser. Therefor their would be no issues.

If you are using old school method of not using Java scripts then there would be a confusion because you would be hard coding one number on your site and show other numbers else where.

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