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Goal Tracking Question

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I have a website that the first goal of it is to download my software in 7 day trial mode - website A.  When the user likes the software, they click on the buy button within the software which sends to them website B to take the order.  Website B, after the order, sends them back to a thank you page on website A.


If they click on an adwords ad, they will be taken to website A to read about the software and download.  Then at a later time if they click on the buy button within the software (not within a website), they will be redirect to website B for order taking, then redirected to a thank you page on website A again.


Will goal tracking work here?  If I place goal tracking snippet on website A thank you page, will google track correctly?




Re: Goal Tracking Question

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Hi Tomer,

Which goals you want to track - adword conversions or analytics goals?

  • If you want to track adwords conversions-

You can track it by placing conversion code on thank you page of website A. Since adwords uses 3rd party cookie you don’t need to do additional setup. Adwords will correctly attribute the conversions to the ads which were clicked by user to place an order. So in short, it’s independent of the domain on which you are placing adwords conversion code. Here you can track the purchase conversions.

Also, you need to make sure about the conversion window set. Because in your case there might be delay in making the payment from the day of adwords ad click. And conversions are counted within your chosen conversion window. Here user will

click on Adwords ad >> Download trial >> Use software >> Then Buy

  • If you want to track analytics goal-

You just need a destination url to set goals in analytics but as you have flow from website A >> Software >> Website B >> Website A thank you page, you need to setup cross domain tracking because analytics uses 1st party cookie. You can refer to resource for more details on setup
Here you can setup goals on 2 pages to check trial version download and purchase.

Goal 1- Set destination url to Website A trail version download thank you page
Goal 2- Set destination url to Website A purchase thank you page
(Please note, you should have cross domain setup to track this)

Hope this helps.