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Goal Import from Analytics does not work

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Hey fellow advertisers!

I've got a problem with conversion tracking for one of my clients. The conversion tracks whenever a user is directed to a certain 'thank you' page.
Technically, the conversion is working: I've filled out the form a couple of times and Analytics successfully tracks said goal. I also linked the Analytics and AdWords Accounts and imported said goal (it's been more than 48 hours). However, none of the conversions are attributed to AdWords.


1) In the >acquisition>adwords>campaigns tab, no conversion is attributed to any AdWords campaign.


2) When hovering over the goal's tracking status in the AdWords-Conversions menu, it says 'no recently tracked conversions'. While it is mentioned for other conversions that the Tracking Code is active, it is not mentioned for this one. 

3) The Google Analytics Tracking Code is correctly set up on the 'thank you' page.


4) The Google Analytics Tracking Code is not set up on the landingpage that links to the 'thank you' page. Said landingpage is on a subdomain ( Could that possibly be the problem?

PS: There is no way to get to the 'thank you' page without having filled out the form, the page is not even indexed on Google. I tried calling customer support, but they struggle to find a solution as well.

Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany!

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Goal Import from Analytics does not work

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Great question!


I think you nailed it with point #4.


Google Analytics works by seeing what Source traffic came from prior to reaching the website, and then it attributes goals the person fires while they are on the website to that Source.


In this case, because you don't have Google Analytics installed on the landing page, Google Analytics doesn't see the person until they reach your thank-you page. Since people are coming from your landing page to your thank-you page, Google Analytics thinks that your landing page is the Source of the traffic.


You can fix this by installing your Google Analytics code on your landing page.


I hope that helps!



Goal Import from Analytics does not work

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Hey John!

Thanks for the quick reply. I'm going to report back once it works- I'm confident you identified the problem.

Goal Import from Analytics does not work

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Hi Tilman R,

If you have Analytics set up for your sub-domain and you wish to keep tracking separate, use cross domain tracking. How you do that depends on the version of the GA code you are using. Lookk up cross domain tracking for details.

Best of Luck!




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