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Ghost Referral spammers

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   Google Analytics' vulnerability allowing ghost referral spammers to spoil statistics and report is pretty annoying.  I easily fixed it a couple of months ago by defining an exclude filter on "Samara" city, but now the spammers uses anonymous requests, preventing my quick fix from working.


I am trying to add the "(not set)" value to my filter with no success at all.  Could someone explain me how could I do this?  What I want is to filter out any data originating from a "(not set)" country.


Please, do not tell me to create a filter excluding all spammer referral sites from the report.  Ghost referral spammers are smarter than Google analytics staff and they keep adding new domains eveyday.  This method is not efficient and I think that the responsibility to maintain this list should fall on Google's staff instead on all web site authors.  Google has to do something about fixing this vulnerability and certify the integrity of their data, otherwise their service is useless.  Do someone know if they are currently working on this issue?

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Re: Ghost Referral spammers

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Hi Dominick,

While most of us certainly use GA, this is the AdWords community. Your question may be a better off asked in the GA forum here:!forum/analytics

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Re: Ghost Referral spammers

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Thanks, I will redirect my question/comment there.