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Getting desktop traffic in "Call only campaign"

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I have setup a call only campaign and I am getting traffic from Desktops.

Also the tablets which received clicks are seen under Google Analytics as models without 3G so they couldn't have made a call. Please see below a screenshot .


1) Is this normal behaviour , since this campaign is advertised as  "Ads will run only on devices that can make calls." ?


2) What I am asking from other forum members, if you segment your own "Call only campaigns" by device, from what devices do you receive traffic and in what percentage ? Do you also get traffic from desktops ?


3) Are Skype calls , as in IP based telephony also accepted in these campaigns ?


4) What exactly is considered "can make calls" ?


To avoid speculations for this diagnosis :

- I have not changed the campaign type , it has been from the start "Call only campaign"


Thank you



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Re: Getting desktop traffic in "Call only campaign"

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Hi Adrian, 


Thanks for experimenting extensively with call only ads. Really appreciate it. However, since the feature is very recent, we do not have data to answer all your questions. I will keep updating this thread as I find information that helps you. 




Re: Getting desktop traffic in "Call only campaign"

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Ok , thank you.

Re: Getting desktop traffic in "Call only campaign"

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HI Adrian,


After a week I also saw some clicks from Desktop and tablet devices from a call only campaigns.


Even though I couldn't find official documentation regarding which devices are eligible for this campaign type I believe your right about IP telephony and other calling methods. It can be due to tablet devices that use skype over wifi even though they don't have 3G on it?


If that the case these data (  Yours and mine) justifiable. However there are no way to verify this since no documentation is available related to device categories for call only campaigns 

Re: Getting desktop traffic in "Call only campaign"

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Hi Nisal,


Thanks for offering feedback from your campaign.

This morning I discovered what happened, after creating a new Call Only campaign from scratch.

I believe Google released this feature a month ago without testing it enough, because any normal user would have made the mistake that I did , ending up in having desktop traffic.


Why I have desktop traffic ?

Because the "Call only" campaign allowed me to have traffic from "text ads".


I copy-pasted text ads and they are not prevented from serving so I get traffic from desktops, when this campaign type should only run 1 ad format "Call only ad", which I only have seen today by pressing the +Ad button which had 1 choice.

This experience was like Google allowing me to run "banner image ads" in a search campaign, an ad format that should not be there, resulting in getting "Display traffic" in a search campaign. A tester would have discovered this problem before releasing "Call only campaigns" to the public.

Now google will have hundreds of accounts with "Call only campaigns" with text ads which cannot be converted to "Call only ads".


This is exactly the same as people copy-pasting search keywords with match types from a search campaign to a display campaign (Display network>>Edit>>Paste). The system does not prevent them from doing so, even if the "match operators" have no function in display, and the result is not what the user expects.


What I instinctively did when I created the "Call only" campaign :

1) I thought the "Call only" ads look the same as the "text ads" and all I had to do was to "replicate the search campaign" in the "call only campaign".

2) I have set the mobile bid to -100% in the search only campaign

3) I have copy-pasted the entire ad groups of the search campaign in the "Call only campaign", having many text ads and zero "call only ads".

4) Nothing in AdWords prevented me from having only text ads in a "Call only" campaign


I eagerly expect people to tell me that It is a user mistake , It is strictly my fault and Google doesn't have to test their software at all with usual usage scenarios.