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GA with Adwords Account

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So I had one of my GA accounts which used to only measure the adwords traffic and data related to my adwords accounts.


Now from today I wish to change the landing page url to that of my main website - where GA tracking code is different for the landing pages there.


Even as of today my main website's GA profile and my adword landings pages GA profile were selected in the adwords data source. So that means my GA accounts and Adwords are both connected.


But till date all my adword data was flowing into the specific GA profile only. As I have changed the landing pages to something else and the GA code on those pages are also diff. now how long before fresh data from my adwords like under Advertising > Campaigns will I see all my existing adword  Campaigns?


As now I can see just one although I have like 10 campaigns running.



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Re: GA with Adwords Account

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Hello tokumaraditya,


You'll need to pace the same profile tracking code on that page for it work the same as your previous page.


Best of Luck,



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Re: GA with Adwords Account

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I am using tag manager and implementing these codes. Is there a possiblity of adding 2 profile codes to same landing pages so that I get data in both the profiles of GA?


Is this advisable ? Does this work correctly?

Re: GA with Adwords Account

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Sure thats quite possible and common too but it needs a custom code something like

  ['_setAccount', 'UA-XXXXX-1'],
  ['b._setAccount', 'UA-XXXXX-2'],

 Hope this helps

Regards, Nik
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