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GA Audience/Tag Manager troubleshooting

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GA Audience / Tag Manager troubleshooting:


Odd issue going on. Tag manager is working fine. Goals are tracking fine in GA. No issues.

We have run the plugins to verify all pixels firing properly and the live preview in debug mode and everything checks out fine.


All code has been triple checked and when you set up an audience in GA it gives an estimate audience size for the past 7 days which is another way to double check that the audience is set up properly. So audiences look fine yet we have a huge discrepancy between GA and Adwords Audience which makes no sense.

We understand it will not be exact due to cookie blockers etc but should be close.

1. When we set up a new audience in GA it shows us data for the last 7 days. We set up a test list for ‘Visits on our main LP’ and from the screenshot we can see users over last 7 days is 1350 ( ).
While when we look data from GA interface for audiences for same date range (we record data each day, so we could calculate visits for that time period) it is about 240 (date range is : 11.30 to 12.07 )
Here is a screenshot of the audience, that shows 450 for the whole date range (from when the audience is set up – to today --> that is more than 3 weeks: )


2. Could this be a possible issue:
For all pages rule we set up ‘matches RegEx’ ( )
Also on our server in the htacces file we set up redirection to --> meaning if someone enters only, or enters the url with upper case letters, or uppercase initials, it will always redirect to
So we wonder is ‘RegEx’ good for us, or should we maybe use the ‘RegEx (ignore case) ‘ option ( )

Re: GA Audience/Tag Manager troubleshooting

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@theniks Do you think you can help here?