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Funnel Tracking issue ?

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Hi Every One,


I’m facing some problem with my Goal funnel set-up.  I have only 1 entry point but here someone enter mid of the conversion process. This is wrong for me . Because if anybody fill up the first step then he/she choose 2-3 step.  No one directly enter in 2 or 3rd step. But funnel show me this kind of data. Someone directly enter into 2nd step. So how I fix this problem. Please advice me to fix the problem. 


See here :

For funnel Setting:  (

For funnel Report: (






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Re: Funnel Tracking issue ?

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Hi Arvind,


Thanks for posting! I think you may have to check the 'reqiured' option beside step 1 in your funnel set up. This means that the funnel report will show people entering from step 1. 


If you think that people shouldn't be able to enter the process at step 2, this is something you'll have to double-check with your Web Developer. There may be some way to join step 2 or 3 directly on your website (i.e. maybe if a user is already signed in or previously entered step 1 details, they skip directly to step 2 - I'm not entirely sure how your website is structured). 


I hope this helps!