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For keyword, 100% Bounce but multiple conversions???

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I connected analytics to my adwords account and am really enjoying having the added bounce rate and avg time on site columns inside my adwords.


Does it work properly though?


For one of my keywords, AdWords shows a 100% bounce rate, 0 seconds (avg time on site), and 2 conversions. How is that possible?





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Re: For keyword, 100% Bounce but multiple conversions???

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What are you using as a conversion?

If you are using a view of a key page as a conversion, does any ad, or sitelink land on that page?


A bounce occurs when a user abandons the site without viewing any other page. Time on site and pages can only be recorded if a user views more than one page as well. So a user could land on the conversion page, view no other pages, and you would have a 100% bounce rate, 0 time, 0 pages, and still complete a conversion.


Re: For keyword, 100% Bounce but multiple conversions???

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Hi FlorianM,


Another way this might happen is if the bounced visitor returns to your site and completes a conversion, even if that happens several days (up to 30 days) later. Conversions in AdWords are always reported on the date of the original ad click.




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