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First Click vs Last Click Wins

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Hi all,


I understand that Adwrods tracks conversions as last click wins on thtier system.


However I have a client who uses their own analytics software and is constanlty getting different (lower) conversion date to me. The system they use to report on uses a first click wins basis. It is also not a ppc specifc report they are running, it is a general analytics one.


What is the general consensus when it comes to last click and first click?


Should I insist the client uses my last click win reports , as because afterall, it is a PPC report I am concerned about?


I dindt want to push the point home without knowing for sure that it is the best thing to do!


Many thanks all

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Re: First Click vs Last Click Wins

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Hi Emmalyons,


UGH, these situations are often quite frustrating for me.


First click vs last click is quite interesting, by using first click they are technically awarding conversions to clicks that have not produced conversions (assuming that there are secondary clicks involved).


When I come across similar situations, generally speaking, the data will speak for itself. I would definitely point out that analytics reporting, including Google Analytics is just not the same and cannot be compared apples to apples. Clicks vs Visits etc...


Do they provide you detailed reports to you for comparison?

Is their Conversion Rate AND their Total Conversions different than AdWords is reporting or just the Conversion Rate?


A nice little tidbit I like to do is ask them for data regarding invalid clicks...chances are, they're not going to have it, which could start to give your PPC data more reliability.


For PPC, AdWords reporting is boss IMO but the client is always right. Smiley Happy


This is unfortunate for sure. I would take their data and see what sense you can make out of it and report back why there are differences and why they should rely on AdWords reporting for PPC efforts.


Good Luck!



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Re: First Click vs Last Click Wins

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No reporting is perfect.


In marketing, we will almost never have perfect 100% attribution (at least as of now).


I would recommend that you review the difference between first click and last click and see the difference.


You can then ensure that your KPI's align with the realities.


e.g. Should you use Adwords reporting for performance goals or their internal system? What about bid optimization? What % of people do multiple clicks before purchasing, and how does that play a role.



You can also get a second view of what percentage of people are clicking multiple times before purchasing by looking at the "Adwords Search Funnels" report:


Hope this helps.