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Finding/tracking individual sitelink performance

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I have 4 enhanced sitelinks, and would like to know their results individually. I have already tried the ad extensions, click type features, but do not get separate date for each sitelinks. Could you please help?


Thanks in advance

Re: Finding/tracking individual sitelink performance

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Hello Tabea R ! Welcome to the Community ,


I often find myself making Christmas wishes for more features in the interface, but I keep being optimistic even if some things are not yet achievable, because I see new features being added very often.


This feature you are asking about is one of the "not yet available". To find this out I looked in the help center at this article : link  , I expanded the text "data by ad extension type" and it says , quote


"Ad Sitelinks: Each set of sitelinks will have its own row of data. Data at the individual link level isn't currently supported. Also, if you modify the link or link text of any one of your sitelinks, this will reset the ad extension's statistics to zero."


This is a resource to bookmark about all major updates : link