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Final URL Difficulties

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I originally posted in ad policies forum, I noticed this one and thought it might be more appropriate, I apologize for the duplicate post.


I am trying to figure out how to change all my ads from destination URL to the new Final URL's/


I use some affiliate links which have a tracking redirect such as:


Which redirects to the website


That would have obviously been my destination URL previously. 


Now is my tracking URL is:


Final URL would be & Display URL


I dont have any added custom parameters at this time.  When I do this and click "test" it says "URL Mismatch."  Please help! Thank you so much

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Re: Final URL Difficulties

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Those sharesale URLS are going to and not That could be part of your problem?

Is there a value that goes into the 'urllink=' field?

Re: Final URL Difficulties

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Hi kati,

You need to add the {lpurl} parameter in your Tracking template for it to be able to reference the Final URL that you are using in your campaigns.

In your case, this particular parameter will be added like this:{lpurl}

Plus, your final url needs to be the URL that your user/customer is finally redirected to on ad click, so like Jennifer just mentioned here, if your ads are directing the user to a '' then the final URL needs to be '' and nothing else. I am assuming that you directing people here so that you can let them buy your products on the website. In this case, your display URL also needs to be changed to '' to avoid the URL mismatch error.

Hope this Helps!


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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Re: Final URL Difficulties

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Thank you for your responses, yes I accidently posted wrong link, I know they have to match the URL's.

When the {lpurl} is added to the above URL it stops working. However I believe int he tracking system the "URLLINK" is for internal tracking and tagging, it is a field I do not use.

So I changed it to this and it appears to be tracking clicks as its supposed, would this work in the Final URL system?{lpurl}