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Hi AdWord Team,


Kindly throw more light on how Google Coversion Tracker works. Also what do single keywords in quotes(" ")  represent?

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I am looking forward for your quick response.





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What do single keywords in quotes " "" represents

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Hi Benson and welcome to the forum.  I've combined both your posts into one and will try to answer both questions.


Conversion Tracking from Adwords works by having a small piece of JavaScript code inserted into your webpage at the point where the "conversion" occurs.  A typical example of this would be when a product is sold online and the tracking code is "rendered" (included in the page code) at the point where the buyer completes the sale, for example a "Thank You for your Purchase" type page.


Keywords in quotes are phrase match Keywords where in order for the Keyword to trigger the display of an Ad, all of the words must be used in the search term in the correct order.  So, if the Keyword was "blue shoes", then the Ad could be displayed for the search term buy blue shoes but not for the term blue tennis shoes.  A single word inside quotes is rather meaningless since phrase matches are only relevant where there are two or more words in the Keyword.


Conversion Tracking

Match Types


Does this help?



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