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Ecommerce remarketing

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Hello community Woman Happy


Im actually using Adwords basic tracking to do Display remarketing and I have few questions:


1) Using "Ecommerce tracking" through Analytics to do remarketing now, do I need to continue with the basic remarketing campaign directly in Adwords for Search & Display network? Is it still useful?


2)If remarketing tag in my audience window in Adwords is showing this message: "we haven't detected the Google Analytics remarketing functionality on your website", do I have to assume that my "ecommerce tracking" is not correctly installed?


Thanks in advance for your help Smiley Wink







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Re: Ecommerce remarketing

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Hi Anais,

With regards to question 1: I would still suggest continuing with adwords remarketing for one simple reason. RLSA is only available (currently) with adwords remarketing lists. So you will not be able to do search remarketing with an analytic remarketing audience.

With regards to your second question, no that does not mean that your ecommerce is not tracking properly only that you have not added the necessary snippets to your analytics code for standard analytics remarketing lists.

I have never used the ecommerce tracking as stand alone remarketing, this does seem a bit out of the box. Perhaps someone else can jump in and give you more information regarding this.

Hope this helps