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Dynamic remarketing tags on a Joomla / Virtuemart ecommerce site

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Has anyone successfully implement dynamic re-marketing (retail) on a virtuemart / joomla ecommerce site? 

I am running rupostel OPC which has plugins to assist. They seem to assist to some extent, but I am not managing the correct setup. 

The site is

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Dynamic remarketing tags on a Joomla / Virtuemart ecommerce site

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Hi Dylan

Yes, unfortunately, you'll have to contact the plugin creators if you want assistance with specific plugins. 

Doing it manually in the template tags is an easier option though to be honest. 

Re: Dynamic remarketing tags on a Joomla / Virtuemart ecommerce site

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Hi Dylan,

I don't know if you solved the issue but, looking at the website, it doesn't seem so.


I'm trying to solve the same issue since few weeks and didn't find any info online, so maybe this post may help people who are experiencing the same issue.


I saw you are using Google Tag Manager, so I skip that part (for those interested Dynamic remarketing, and Dynamic remarketing and Tag Manager)


At the moment I only solved single product page, I did it this way:


I manually inserted two scrips on virtuemart page detail template:


<script>dataLayer.push({'prodid': '<?php echo $this->product->product_sku; ?>'});</script>
<script>dataLayer.push({'ecomm_totalvalue': '<?php echo $this->product->prices['salesPrice']; ?>'});</script>


Note: "product_sku" is the same ID used on merchant center, so first verify your product feed.


Inside remarketing tag (the whole tag inserted before body closing tag - still working on ecomm_pagetype):


<script type="text/javascript">
var google_tag_params = {
ecomm_prodid: '<?php echo $this->product->product_sku; ?>',
ecomm_totalvalue: <?php echo $this->product->prices['salesPrice']; ?>,


Note: that numbers should not be written between ' ', so 'ecomm_totalvalue' is not correct.


About datalayers, I added two of it, "ecomm_totalvalue" and "prodid", on Tag Manager.


Try this and then check with Tag Assistant and Tag Manager Preview.


I hope this will help!