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Dynamic Search Ads showing up as organic search in Analytics

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Hi Team,


Looking for an Adwords professional to help me out with a tracking issue. I have a client setup with Dynamic search ads targeting specific URL's of their site within a sub-folder i.e "/folder/"


Currently the "destination url" is set to:  Dynamically selected landing page


My issue is that the clicks from these dynamically generated search ads in adwords are dramatically different to what is presented in analytics under cpc traffic. Not in all adgroups though, as some are relatively the same. In the dynamic search adgroups where the discrepancy is quite big, Adwords may be showing 200 clicks and analytics says around 5-10 clicks. 


One thing i have noticed that if you click on one of these ads and view it as an active visitor in google analytics it shows as 'organic' search. Obviously this is causing the issue as clicks from these campaigns are being presented as organic search data.


Does anyone know what's causing this? Is there any specific tracking code i should be implementing here? If so what code and where? I want dynamic search clicks to show as CPC traffic


Thanks a lot

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Re: Dynamic Search Ads showing up as organic search in Analytics

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Is this happening for single DSA campaign or have you observed this for other AdWords campaigns as well?

(i.e. AdWords data tracking as organic inside Google Analytics)


Make sure that you have auto tagging turned on so that AdWords data is properly synced with Analytics.


Also note that DSA campaigns are advanced feature of AdWords where your ads will get more exposure depending upon how well the website stands organically in terms of indexed pages etc...


I would also suggest you to read this article on data discrepancies which might arise between AdWords and Analytics: