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Dynamic Search Ads - Strange Analytics data

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Hi all,


I started a DSA campaign and looked at the results in Analytics recently.

By selecting Advertising->Campaings->My DSA campaign and selecting Keyword as primary dimension there is only one entry: 3bucntlmdzj_8m7f with 1 visit.


I understand that there will be no keyword data in this report for a DSA campaign, that is why it is strange to see any result. And to go further by selecting placement URL as secondary dimension I get this:

What? A placement URL for a search only campaign?

To be sure I checked the settings twice: GDN is turned off in the DSA campaign.


Actualy this is only one visit so the problem is not related to costs or conversions, I just do not understand what I am seeing and why I am seeing this :-)


Does anybody have any idea?


Thomas Geiger


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Re: Dynamic Search Ads - Strange Analytics data

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That's a weird one. Keksarkany is inaccessible to me right now, but looks (in cache) like a parked domain.


Did you first upload the campaign and then turned off GDN, and maybe you got the chance to show once on that domain? Hence the placement URL? And maybe that keyword is not a keyword but something else, maybe AdSense related?


Don't know, speculating, maybe this will get somebody else thinking.

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Re: Dynamic Search Ads - Strange Analytics data

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Yes, it is a parked domain.

I created the campaign in AdWords Editor and uploaded it with GDN already turned off so I do not think it had the opportunity to get impression in this network.


AND: the campaign does not include keywords/interest categories/topic categories/remarketing/etc so I think if I would turn GDN on right now there won't be any targets that could generate any GDN impressions.