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Dynamic Remarketing Retail Feed

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I'm a bit confused about this subject. I am helping a client setup their dynamic remarketing campaigns. 


According to the official documentation:


In order to setup a Dynamic Remarketing campaign, one needs a feed. This is logical and I understand the need for such a feed. However IF i want to do a Dynamic Remarketing campaign and IF I already have  a Merchant account with a product feed. Do I need to upload another feed into Shared Library -> Business data ?. Or is it just enough to link adwords and merchant center?


Thank you in advance for your help.



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Re: Dynamic Remarketing Retail Feed

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Hi @Jorge V,


According my theoretical knowledge about dynamic display ads.


Both are possible means 1) with out creation of new business feed you can use Google Merchant Center account feed for creation of dynamic display ads.


2) If you don't want to use Merchant account then you can also able to create ads by uploading manual retail business feed.


I think first option is better.


Request to community member correct me if I am wrong.





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Re: Dynamic Remarketing Retail Feed

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Hi Jorge V,

You can use same product feed that you have in your Merchant center account after you have linked Adwords with Merchant center.

Some excerpts from Google Help:

"To use dynamic remarketing, you’ll need to link your AdWords and Merchant Center accounts. This allows your dynamic remarketing campaign to use the product data you submit in your Merchant Center account. You’ll use the same product data you can submit to Google Shopping, with the option of using attributes that are specific to display ads. Once your product data has been submitted to Merchant Center, you’ll then create a campaign in AdWords and add the dynamic remarketing tag to your website. For a complete guide to getting started with dynamic remarketing, please visit the AdWords Help Center-"

Hope this helps.


Re: Dynamic Remarketing Retail Feed

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Thanks gentlemen !

Re: Dynamic Remarketing Retail Feed

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The documentation is a bit confusing but the simple answer is that if you already have a Google Merchant Center feed, you should definitely use that and you don't need a "Business Data" feed.

For customers in non-retail industries (e.g. education, travel, jobs, etc...) however you should upload a "Business Data" feed.