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Dynamic Display Ad - Destination URL Problem

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I use dynamic display ads for remarketing. These ads feature products viewed on our website. In AdWords, I have appended tracking parameters to the destination URL that complies with our tracking structure.  The utm_medium=display.


However, when the ad is clicked on, it is returning a different set of parameters.  It is applying tracking parameters used for Google Shopping.  The utm_medium=cpc.


The dynamic product ads are powered by the recommendation engine.  The engine receives product data from the data feed we use for Google Shopping. So, I know the source of the tracking for these display ads, but it is not the set of parameters I have applied in AdWords.


Why is this occurring and how can I correct it? 






Re: Dynamic Display Ad - Destination URL Problem

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Hi Andrew,

if You have enabled auto tagging then it will always have source/medium of google/cpc even if you have defined your own utm parameters

if you want to get display medium in Google Analytics then you will have to stop the auto tagging.

The traffic you get through Google Adwords always have google/cpc (source/medium) in Google Analytics if auto tagging is enabled.