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Doubt about Click Type Segment on Non Sitelinks Extensions

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I think it's the first time I'm using Click Type Segments to analyse Non-sitelinks extensions.


In the picture below I'm looking at Callout Extension, so: why is there a "sitelink" over there on the second line? Shouldn't this be data about that specific callout extension?


I was under the impression that "Headline" and "Sitelink" basically means "clicks on your ads and clicks on this extension", but since I've never used Click Type on any extension rather than Sitelinks, all became fuzzy.


So to resume the question: Why Click Type segment shows "sitelink" information if I'm viewing Callout Extenions and what does that mean?


I'm lost here, sorry if this is a lame question.


type of click.png

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Doubt about Click Type Segment on Non Sitelinks Extensions

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 Good question....

 I sometimes wonder myself whether this  format of presenting the metrics is helpful or (could be) confusing.

This is how the UI was initially designed, assuming users would like to see a full breakdown.


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Doubt about Click Type Segment on Non Sitelinks Extensions

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When you are viewing the ad extension tab data, that data is for when that ad extension was shown. Total data, all aspects of the ad. 

If/When the ad extension is shown, with/without other ad extensions, how does that affect the overall performance of the total ad presentation?


Especially when it comes to callout extensions - As there is nothing to click on or interact with when it comes to callout extensions.

What you are analyzing in this view is - How do these/this callout extension(s) affect the overall performance of the ad, in terms of this specific segment?


Ex. If your goal is to generate more click to call clicks, which specific callout generates the most click to call clicks? If you have 8 total callouts, and four have above average CTC performance, then can you further improve performance by reducing your callout inventory to only the four most effective callouts?


Do you have structured snippet extensions setup as well? These are another type of extension which doesn't have anything to click on. If you use the same segment settings for the S.S. extensions view, you will see some different numbers. If for example the S.S. view has a total CTR of over 12%, then your ads "perform better" when showing a S.S. ext. than a callout ext. Then you can go down the segment list and see how these extensions affect each type of click. 


Did this help to explain anything, or did I just make it more confusing? Smiley Happy