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Display View Through Conversions for Site Visits

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Just have a quick question (hopefully) I know that you can track view through conversions through AdWords with the conversion tracking code installed on a thank you page and such that way the metric can be tied directly back to a CPL, but what if I just want to see a metric for view through conversions of people that see the display ad and just visit my site without making a purchase. I want to do this without screwing my data for the other information in the accounts. I believe these view through's trigger when the conversion tracking code is active and we all know I can't place this on every page of my site. 


It there a way to track view through site traffic through Analytics without messing around in AdWords with my actual data?

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September 2015

Re: Display View Through Conversions for Site Visits

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Hello Brennan A,


Google Analytics goals aren't compatible with view-through conversion reporting. Here you get reports for Click-Conversions - the conversions that came from clicks/sessions, but not for the conversions that came through View only. Hence, you won't be able to track it in GA. 


Also, when someone views your ads and comes to your website through other sources and converts, AdWords tells you that they are View Through Conversions. But if you ask about the number of people who saw ads visited the website and did not convert, it won't be possible at the moment. However, you can be sure that such people are in your reach - in your remarketing lists. GA would not attribute such visitors to AdWords, they would be attributed to the last source, which would be anything other than AdWords in this case. 


This is the reason, one should not confine one's Remarketing campaigns to AdWords traffic only. 


My two cents. 


Ratan Jha

Re: Display View Through Conversions for Site Visits

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Yea that was my guess. There is software that I current use that can do that but not specific to Analytics. I'm thinking of Moat Analytics.

Thanks though. I have my remarketing list is open to all traffic not just adwords but I was hoping to "prove" my display campaigns are worth more than a spike in traffic and give some more concrete numbers. I was just trying to find a free way. Looks like I'll stick with Moat Analytics. Unfortunately, that platform only works for tracking impressions from display campaign on sites that you own.

I guess I could place a pixel on the display image and then pixel my site but that would be more work than it might be worth...

Thanks for the help.