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Display Reporting - Reach and Frequency

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The reach and frequency report is used for campaigns that are serving on the Google Display Network. It shows you exactly how many web users have seen your ad and how many times each. From this you can make decisions about targeting the display network better.

How to find the report:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Click the Campaigns tab.
  3. Click the Dimensions tab. If you want to run the report for a specific campaign or ad group, click its name in the side panel.
  4. Click View in the toolbar above the table, then click Reach and frequency. You can choose whether to view daily, weekly, or monthly statistics.

Month      Frequency  Unique Users

Feb 2013 1 100
Feb 2013 2 91
Feb 2013 3 90
Feb 2013 4 80
Feb 2013 5 55
Feb 2013 6 40
Feb 2013 7 35
Feb 2013 8 or more 61

A user can appear in the reach and frequency more than once. In the above example, there are a total of 100 unique users. The totals added up, will be close to equal to the total number of impressions. A user who sees 6 impresions, will be included in every bucket (1,2,3,4,5), up to and include bucket 6. 


If we are seeking to know how many unique users saw your ad, it's more accurate to look at the 1 impression bucket. 

Optimising with this information:
Targeting - If you are not getting enough unique users in order to drive traffic or conversions you may consider expanding your display network targeting. Consider adding on a topic, interest category or display keywords to the ad group.

Campaign Settings - If you noticed that the same unique users are seeing your ad over and over again, 8 or more times in the reach and frequency report; you can put a cap on this. Frequency capping allows you to stop an ad showing to a user after a determined amount of views.

How to set up Frequency Capping:
1) Sign into AdWords
2) Campaigns Tab > Select Campaign you want to cap
3) Settings Tab > Scroll down to advanced settings
4) Expand “Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping
5) Frequency Capping > Edit
6) Select a number of impression to cap > Select time period
7) Save

Experiment with targeting and frequency capping to get the most from your display campaign daily budget. Using the reach and frequency report alongside the automatic placements section of the display network tab can give you a better understanding of the display network.

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Re: Display Reporting - Reach and Frequency

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!GReat explanation!


How does this actually work, is a cookie set at first time and then updated each time an ad appears in the browser ?

Display Reporting - Reach and Frequency

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They changed the way to get to this data now. It's available as Reach Metrics columns.