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Discrepancy in Video Viewcount Youtube vs AdWords

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I recently started a video campaign on AdWords. Over the past few hours, it says on my AdWords reporting that I've gotten over 1,700 views but when I checked my video on YouTube, I still have less than 100.


I've read that it's possible to have some discrepancy in the counting but this is a huge discrepancy. I'm paying for these views but why aren't they reflected in my video on YouTube?



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Re: Discrepancy in Video Viewcount Youtube vs AdWords

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Hi Samantha and welcome to the Community.


I have a couple of thoughts, I'm sure others may have more suggestions.  Firstly, what period of data are we looking at here.  Virtually no AdWords data is "real time" and there are always discrepancies in very recent data, particularly when shared between one product and another.  I don't tend to trust any data that's less than 48 hours old.


Secondly, YouTube does say that the view count on YouTube and the views on AdWords may differ, and it seems some of this is down to how they detect artificial inflations:


If the Campaign is very new (as it sounds) it might be that the sudden influx of views looked like a false inflation so those views weren't counted.   You may find that if the Campaign continues at this level the counts will become more closely aligned.



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