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Discrepancy between Analytics and Adwords but in different Campaing types

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Hi all


I've read a few articles about this issue, but I did not find an answer to my question.


The thing is that the traffic in the same date range between Adwords and Analytics is almost the same. There is a slight difference, but it is ok, having in mind visits vs. click differences an all the others possible variants.


it gets interesting when I am tryting to compare Search and Display campaigns. Adwords account shows, that I've got 40% clicks from the display Campaigns and 60% from the Search campaigns.


Whereas Analytics shows 20% visits from Display Campaigns and 80% visits from Search campaigns.


To get these data I use filters, because the campaigns for Display and Search are named differently.


Do you have any ideas, why these results looks similar when combined together but gets such a gap when looking at them seperately?


Many thanks!

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Hi Zygissimo ther is little bi...

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Hi Zygissimo


                         There is little bit data decrepancy between Google Analytrics and Adwords. You must read the Below link. i hope this link solve your porblem:

Re: Discrepacy between Analytics and Adwords but in different Campaing types

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Thanks. I've read this article and it does not explains why the discrepancy is between different kinds of campaigns.

Re: Discrepancy between Analytics and Adwords but in different Campaing types

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Hi Zygissimo, 


Thanks for posting in the AdWords Community!


I'm glad to see that you've already done some research proactively, and it looks like you've gained some insight into how and why data discrepancies happen. 


You mentioned in order to compare your Search and Display campaigns, you are using filters to get this information. With the filters in mind, it does not surprise me at all that you're getting different conclusions between AdWords and Analytics, because the filters you have applied could change the data set entirely. However, without knowing more about what kind of filter (or even possibly advanced segment) you're applying to be able to draw this information and other factors such as how your code is set up, I'm sorry to say that I won't be able to answer this in more detail.


Rather than posting your site and account specifics here and waiting for us to back and forth, I'd like to remind you that we also have phone support available in many areas now. Definitely feel free to give us a call (be sure to have your AdWords Customer ID on hand!), and we'd be more than happy to go over your account specifics there!




Re: Discrepancy between Analytics and Adwords but in different Campaing types

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Hi Zygissimo,


Without knowing a thing about your business or campaign I will hazzard a guess anyway.


What the data seems to indicate is that traffic from the DN behaves quite differently from traffic on the Search network. I haven't done a numerical or algagraic proof of my theory, but here goes.


Let's say the average visitor from the DN clicks on your ad twice during the Analytics session (within 30 minutes or so) and that visitors from search click closer to once during a session. That would reduce the 40% clicks from the DN to 20% visits (more or less, this is just an example) and increase the Search visits to 80%.


That's what I'm seeing here, but I could be way off base. I have seen other posts here describing the same kind of thing, but with much more dramatic differences.


Best of Luck!



petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Discrepancy between Analytics and Adwords but in different Campaing types

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Thank you all for answers.


Just for the records by filter I ment, that my DN campains is called for eg. Display, and the search campaign is called Adwords.


So when i go to GA and filter my paid search traffic by the campaign name, i get these discrepancies mention above between the results in adwords account and GA account. Comparing Campaigns with the same name.


I think the answer of petebardo could be the one. But still, if no one has another suggestion I will have to call Google. 


Thanks again.