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Different statistics in adwords vs search terms report

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Hello again!

Hope you all are good!


I have a new question regarding the search terms report I download from adwords. There is a difference in the statistics in the search terms report and the statistics in adwords (online). Anyone with an idea why it isnt the same numbers?


Attaching screenshots with the different numbers (search terms report numbers from excel)





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January 2016

Re: Different statistics in adwords vs search terms report

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Hi Oskar G,

I have run into this problem before and it isn't worth getting to upset about unless the numbers are off by more 30%. Here are a few possible answers:

1). There could be a delay in the reporting
Search terms are usually late in the AdWords reports, give it 48+ hours and see if it's still there. When you want quick and more up to date search terms you can use your Analytics reports which sometimes populate faster even though they come from AdWords.

2). Because browsers cache the search results and ads, Google may register only one ad impression per search.
Your reports may show multiple clicks if a Google user clicks on your ad more than once in a cached browser session, which is legitimate behavior. For example, the user may be comparison shopping or returning to your site for more information.

Re: Different statistics in adwords vs search terms report

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Hey Oskar, how are things?

In addition to Jordan's answers, some filters created on Adwords affect the current report you're viewing, check if there isn't anything applied.

Also, there're filters that remain applied even if you switch tabs, so very often depending on the filter create on "Campaign" tabs, it can affect your reports if you switch to something else.

Another thing, try to keep out the "Actual day" of the calendar, this can also create some difference.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Different statistics in adwords vs search terms report

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@Jordan Burleson;

Note: multiple clicks  from the same IP address, which are identified as invalid,  are filtered by the system and are not shown.

As @leandrofm mentioned, the reason for the discrepancies is a time delay in reporting.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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