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Different results in adwords and analytics

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Adwords campaign management does not show the same no of clicks for a particular keyword as analytics. Its annoying because I'm trying to cross check results. I'm wondering if its because the campaign name was changed but I'm pretty sure that I'm displaying all campaigns for the keyword in adwords.


Adwords shows 14 impressions and no clicks for keyword and analytics shows 62 visits


I'm not sure how you could help here apart from sharing if you've had the same thing. Thanks

I haven't looked for similar discrepancies in other keywords yet.

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Re: Different results in adwords and analytics

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Hello Markjl,


I'll suggest you to read the given thread, it will clear your lots of doubts. After reading this please let us know if you still have some questions.

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Re: Different results in adwords and analytics

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First of all, please note that AdWords' reporting is not real time. So the best thing to do is to look at the day before yesterday data, which should already be complete.


Second of all, Google Analytics assigns all direct visits which follow an ad click to that ad/keyword/ad group/campaign/search term. So if somebody clicked your ad yesterday, and will return 100 times in the next 6 months by typing your website URL in the same browser, without clearing its cookies, you will see 1 click and 101 visits for that keyword/ad, etc. Only after 6 months, or following a click on a link to the website (referral), an organic search result (organic), or another ad, will the visit be attributed to another source / medium.


Hope this will clear a bit of the strangeness of your situation. As a first step, look at old data (at least 2 days old), and tell us how that looks.

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Re: Different results in adwords and analytics

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Good morning! 


I read this article and would like to give you one of my cases.


I checked yesterdays stats for both Adwords as well as my Paid Search Stats in Analytics for the two sites I am promoting.


Adwords shows 2878 clicks generated, Analyticsshows 1269 and 572 clicks generated (under Paid Search Clicks).


As you can see there is about 1000 clicks difference between the two systems (about 1/3rd) Would there be any reason why there is so much difference?


Thank you