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Different Figures between Two Reports on Google AdWords

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I found that the figures of total clicks, total cost and total converted clicks in geographic location report and campaigns report on Google AdWords are different from each other.


Does anyone know the reasons for this?



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September 2015

Re: Different Figures between Two Reports on Google AdWords

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Hi Agnes,
Yes, I've seen this before and I believe it's mostly usually due to how Google detects, and reports, geographic location of searchers.


Per Google, reasons you might see this:

  • Campaign or billing summary: Performance data may vary slightly from data in your campaign summary or billing summary because our data collection techniques can vary. For invoicing and campaign spend, use the reports in the billing summary tab.
  • IP addresses: IP addresses are routinely re-assigned, and AdWords updates its IP data regularly to reflect these changes. Third-party tracking providers may update their IP data on a different schedule.
  • Invalid clicks: AdWords filters out invalid clicks, so the number of clicks per geographic area may differ from that shown by other data sources.
  • Location of interest: AdWords may pick up on locations that a customer is interested in, which other data sources may not be able to detect.


For more info, see Variation in geographic reporting numbers.