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Different Conversion-Goals

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Dear Community,


A website has two different conversion goals :

Target 1: Signup for the Newsletter ; Target CPA : EUR 1
Target 2: Buy: Target CPA : EUR 20

Both goals are different and valuable for both goals , there are separate campaigns with the aim of optimizing speech conversion.

Campaign 1: Signup for the Newsletter
Campaign 2: Sale

The goal would now be to bring both campaigns to the point where you can use the Conversion Optimizer to optimize automatically to the associated target CPA .

The problem :
Both campaigns include both conversion goals . I place for Campaign 2 now the target CPA for selling a (20 EUR ) , they are also inadvertently included in newsletter signups with this campaign and the campaign is no longer economically under certain circumstances.

Possible solution :
The campaign would have a conversion goal are allocated to only the relevant Conversion Objective flows into the conversion optimization.

Can the scenario that is currently already implemented and if so, how


Greetings Kai (German AdWords TC)


P.S. excused my english only 2 cent

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Re: Different Conversion-Goals

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Hallo, Kai.

Currently, you cannot do that, as far as I know. That is because for AdWords all defined conversions are the same. If it can get you, for 1 EUR, a conversion which is worth 10 EUR to you, it will get it, just the same as it will get a 100 EUR one.

However, I think that you can achieve what you want with the feature which was launched while we were in Mountain View, namely "target by ROAS":

Don't tell AdWords you're ok to pay 1 EUR for one Newsletter subscription, but rather calculate how much such a conversion is worth and tell AdWords you want (conversion value / 1 EUR) x 100% ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend).

Also, don't tell it that you are prepared to pay 20 EUR for one sale, but calculate how much a sale is worth on average (let's say 150 EUR) and tell the system you want 150 / 20 x 100 = 750% ROAS for the sale campaign.

Sure, you may get someone coming from the newsletter campaign who will buy something which will cost about the same as the value of a newsletter signup (and thus provide you with the same ROAS as a signup), but at least you will reduce the situations when the sales campaign will bring you people which are unlikely to buy but likely to sign up (if the sale ROAS is defined as higher than the newsletter signup).

Another weird way of doing things is getting permission from Google to run two accounts, one targeting newsletter signups (with only one conversion defined in the account) and the other one sales (again, with only one conversion defined), for the same website.

But I think ROAS targeting should do the trick.

Let me/us know if it works for you and if I was clear enough.

Alles gute,
Calin Sandici, AdWords Top Contributor | Find me on: Google+ | Twitter | LinkedIn | myBlog
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Re: Different Conversion-Goals

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Hi Calin,

many thanks for the quick and professional response. I will keep you up to date if the ROAS-Targeting was the right choice.

so long Kai