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Different Adwords Account Conversion Tracking in a thank you page

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I like to ask if it is possible to place different adwords account conversion code in a same thank you page.


Here's the situation that I have currently.


Client has their own landing page, thank you page


I would like to use my own adwords account to create a campaign for my client and insert the tracking code on their thank you page.


Is it possible?


One Thank You page will have 2 google adwords conversion code as follows:

1st: Client's own adwords conversion code

2nd: my personal adwords converison code


Will this dual adwords conversion code mess up the google adwords tracking?


Or do i need to create my own thank you page for the tracking code if it will mess up the conversions tracking/reporting?

Note: Please don't give me links to other threads/pages as I tried searching for the most relevant but can't find any.


Thank You

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Re: Different Adwords Account Conversion Tracking in a thank you page

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Two part answer - the second part is the most important....

1- on the face of things there will be no conflict - if these are AdWords conversion codes (and not analytics goals) then they will only fire and report back to the AdWords account that "issued" them.

2- if you set up an AdWords account to send traffic to your client's page - and he has an AdWords account which is already sending traffic to that page, then you will be double serving and that will breach Google Policy - which you could get you both suspended. That's a bigger problem....