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Destination URL not working - I am using final URL

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Hello - 


I am looking for help with ad disapproval for all of my ads on Adwords. We just setup the campaigns and they are all currently paused but I am getting a disapproved notice. 


Here is our site:


Here is our display URL: 

Example of final URL:


Please let me know what you think might be causing the ads to be disapproved? 


Thank you so much. 



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Re: Destination URL not working - I am using final URL

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Hi Dan, If all of your ads are disapproved you can see the reason they are disapproved by hovering over the speech box with your mouse. It should give you "Reasons" at the bottom of the window that opens on hover. If I had to guess I would say you are running into the editorial policy against "Misleading or unrealistic promotions". Google is quite strict with the supplement industry and the claims that are acceptable both in the ad copy and on the landing page. Read more on their policy using the following link and update the page and/or ad copy to get into compliance with Adwords guidelines.


Once you have changed your language, you can edit the ads to trigger a second review. Good luck!


Re: Destination URL not working - I am using final URL

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Thank you for the reply but the ads in question state that the "destination URL" is not working and no other issue.

Would Google be this unclear if there was other issues with the ad?

Re: Destination URL not working - I am using final URL

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There are two destination URL's the ad destination URL and the final URL that you mention. The final URL is set at the keyword level and it trumps the ad destination URL. Both the ad destination URL and the final URL should be working URL's. Have you checked the status of both? Does the ad destination URL go to a real page? 


It is not common for the reason to be so opaque, but it does happen sometimes. Have you ever had ads running for this website in this account?

Re: Destination URL not working - I am using final URL

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Hi Dan,


For further clarification regarding the exact reason of disapproval, please go through the policy details.



To use this policy details tab

Go to the Ads tab >> columns >> modify columns >> select metrics - Attributes >> add policy details >> apply.


As it seems to be Healthcare related content issue, please go through the policies regarding this:


Healthcare-related content:

Google restricts the promotion of healthcare-related content such as the following:

  • over-the-counter medication
  • prescription medication and information about prescription medication
  • online and offline pharmacies
  • pregnancy and fertility-related products and services
  • medical services and procedures medical devices and tests
  • clinical trial recruitment
  • sexual enhancement treatments


The restrictions that apply to this content may vary depending on the product or service that you're promoting and the countries that you're targeting. Some content, such as unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements, can't be promoted anywhere.

Depending on the content that you're promoting and the countries where your ads appear, you may need to apply for pre-authorization with Google before advertising healthcare-related content.






Now, regarding the destination url and final url issue.

  •  These urls must have the same domain as in the display url.
  • your final url must not redirect to some other domain than the display url or url is any broken link or redirecting to error page.
  • If it is working properly and related to the same domain as of display url, there may be hosting issue or some other issue with the website at the time of the account review and status might be shown as "destination url not working".


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