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Destination URL Report

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I am trying to report all the Destination URLS for all the adgroups in one of my campaigns.


The problem is that I have gone through a cleaning proccess by which I cleaned all the keyword level Destination URL´s and established a unique destination URL at an Ad level.


My problem is that once trying to extract all the destination URLS for the adgroups in this campaigns it shows up all the Destinationm URLS that have ever been active for them and not only the actual active ones.


Can anyone tell me a way to report all the ACTUAL and ACTIVE destination URLS for each of my adgroups?



Thank you very much

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Re: Destination URL Report

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Hi victorfvf,


Unfortunately, it shows all the destination URLs which you are using currently and have used in the past as well. 


I tried this on my own and could find one way of finding current URLs is by using the filter. You can create the filter and set the requirements and see if that accomplishes what you want to achieve.


For example, I tried by setting the filter and giving me the report of only those destination URLs where they have received at least one click. By doing that, it showed me the destination URLs which received clicks and filtered out all others. (You might use impressions, CTR, avg. position etc...)


Hope that helps you somewhere!


Re: Destination URL Report

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might have found a way...


when in the dimension tab, select "destination URL", click on the little download button, then select "add segment" choose "day", and you can then dlete all the days form the report prior to your changes when your new URLs wouldn't have existed...


would that work for you?