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Date of View Through Conversions

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Hi everyone,


Is the date that a view-through conversion is associated with the date that the ad showed to the user, or the date that they completed the conversion?


I'm having some issues matching up the dates of my view through conversions in Adwords with the dates that transactions have occurred in Google Analytics and thought the reason may be that the date Adwords is showing is the date that the ad showed rather than the date that the user actually converted.


Any insights would be helpful, Thanks!

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August 2016

Re: Date of View Through Conversions

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Hi Sarah,

In AdWords, the date that a view-conversion is attributed to is the date of the last impression viewed by the user before they converted. Click conversions are the same but based on the date of the last click. You are correct that this is why Google Analytics and Google AdWords conversions won't always align.

Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Rising Star, LinkedIn
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