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Date Range - Compare Dates

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Hi Guys


Has anyone seen the new 'Compare Dates' function on AdWords in the date range column yet?

This function allows one to compare dates across your account. Its great as it allows you to compare ones dates with various data such as Clicks, Impressions, CTR, Conversions and so on.


The problem I have with it is that it does not have the 'All Time' option anymore.

I liked this function as it allowed me to site when the account was created and the amount of history the account has ascertained over time.


I would like a second opinion on the matter and would appreciate any feedback.

It is a relatively new function and I only saw this available the Friday past.

Maybe there is more to it and I have not put my finger on it but would appreciate any assistance.




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Re: Date Range - Compare Dates

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Good morning - 


To find out when a campaign was started, you can check the start date (on the Settings page).


I agree that I occasionally looked at data "All Time" but honestly it was more a matter of curiousity than anything else. It's not like I did anything significant with the data. Smiley Happy  


Aside from that, I'm not sure what your specific issue or question is?  

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Re: Date Range - Compare Dates

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Thanks for that Theresa Smiley Happy


I quite liked the 'All Time' date range as it would give me an overall idea on how the campaign performed since built through a graph. Also should the account user have built the campaign in 2006, advertised for approximately 1 month and decided not advertise several years after, it would be useful to know. That would imply the account has ascertained very little history and for convenience reasons one can just build an entirely new campaign from a set up perspective. 

When I am given new clients I have found this to be the case sometimes and its nothing major but thought I would ask for a second opinion.


I guess one could always go to the 'Change History' but have become somewhat institutionalised to the 'All Time' date range Smiley Happy


Thanks for your help

Re: Date Range - Compare Dates

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Hi JoniDK85,


The 'All Time' date range is still available. After you click the black 'downward arrow' in the date picker - please use the 'scroll bar' to find all the date range options. The 'All Time' is the last option in the list.


Let us know if you still have issues finding this option. 




Re: Date Range - Compare Dates

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I saw that the other day.

Thanks Mini Smiley Happy