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Hey guys 


Quick question - I log into adwords on my iPhone - and I get different data to when I log in on my mac?


Its more current on the iPhone - Do you know why this is?


Thanks guys




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September 2015

Re: Data

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Hi Luke,


Please note that the data you see inside Adwords account is not real time. As per Google, there is a minimum delay of 3 hrs for clicks, impressions data and 24hrs. delay in conversion tracking.


My advise would be to look for the data with delayed time frame i.e. for example if you login today, it's better to view the data which is 2-3 days older because that data would be updated one and provide more insight how you have been doing in the past, rather than looking for today's data.


Just a thought!


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Hi Pankaj,


One minor correction: the 3hr delay for clicks/impressions isn't the minimum, it's the maximum.  If the delay gets longer than that it's treated as a huge emergency that we work 24/7 to fix.  Those tatistics can and usually do get updated a lot more quickly, but a few clicks and impressions can trickle in afterward up to those stated maximums.


Otherwise your advice is spot on.  Looking at the current day's data can be confusing, e.g. if you're comparing today (with only partial stats) to an average full day from the past.


But now after re-reading Luke's question, I'm not sure either of our answers explain what he's seeing.  I can't think of any reason why the AdWords UI on your iPhone would consistently show more up to date stats than on your desktop computer.  They both pull from the same data sources as far as I know.  If this is consistently repeatable -- and not just a coincidence that happened a few times -- please post a follow-up and I'll ask around about it.  I don't know too much about how the UI works, but I think I know enough to say that this behavior would be very unexpected.



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Re: Data

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Hi Laura,

Thanks for jumping in and clarifying things here Smiley Happy

Lets see if Luke gets back with some more information, so that if there is something which is unexpected, Google can take care of that.