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Custom parameters on kwd level and all others on Ad level?

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Hello community,


my goal is to track the cost (or max cpc) of each keyword coming to my website.


1. That means I have to play a lot on keyword level, right?


So, as far as I know the solution is given from the "custom parameters" that you can add to the tracking template or final url.
In my scenario, I will use a tracking template that will save the custom parameters.


My concern is what should I fill in keyword/ad group level and what should I leave blank in keyword/ad group level

2. Can I pass the keyword cpc (or max cpc) through a custom parameter dynamically? If not dynamically, is it against the rules to write it manually ? for example shoes_cpc=020


3. For this, shall I fill the custom parameters in each keyword ?

4. If on a keyword level leave the landing page (final url) and tracking template empty, will it use the ad group values instead?


3. Shall I leave blank the "customer parameters" on ad group? If yes, it will make use of the keyword level "customer parameters" ?






Thank you.

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Re: Custom parameters on kwd level and all others on Ad level?

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Hi Nikolaides,

I'm not sure I'm grasping what you're looking to do here. With auto-tagging, all of your AdWords data will end up in Google Analytics, including all of your cost data - at the keyword level.

Can you elaborate on what you're looking to do?

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