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Custom Columns

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Hi all!


Wanted to ask about Columns in adwords and how you all take advantage of them!


My favourite/most important columns are:




"Target CPA" and next to it is "Cost/Converted click" - this tells me if my Target CPA is not going over


"Cost" and next to it is a custom column "(total conversion value) of a selected conversion name (Purchase)" - this tells me easily if the Cost is more than the Profit (so if cost is 300$ and purchase is 250$ than i see that i am actually losing 50$ on this ad group)


I don't care about average position, average cpc, or quality score... I care most about the profit.


Lets say if i have a ad with 6/10 quality score but for some reason I am still earning from that Keyword I will not delete that Keyword. 




So basically my question is, How do you all do it? What are your key columns and how do you read it.

There are sooooooo many options in adwords, so many columns and overall so many of everything that I myself have problems defining what should be important for me.


Maybe there are columns that I should look at every time that I dont know of!


Thank you.

Re: Custom Columns

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I believe which data is important depends on the type of business for which you are running the Campaign for. In my case position of Ads matters a lot. A slight drop in position leads to drop in clicks. And when i compare the data to last year performance we see how Position of our Ad has contributed in conversion of Leads to Sales.