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Cross Domain conversion code and remarketing code installation

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I am not sure our ads agency install the conversion and remarketing code correctly. Feeling confused about their installation.

After study some materials, just want to verify if my understanding on cross domain tracking code installation is correct.


[My Website Structure]
Landing Page Domain:

Pages are:,, ...etc.

Application Domain:

Pages are:


[Planned Ads Route and Conversion]

step 1) Visitor see the Ads and click
step 2) Visitor will visit to browse information (may be any page within depends on the Ads destination URL)
step 3) Vistor decide to click "Start Trial" button, then it will redirect to sign-up page in application domain (which is
step 4) The conversion will be counted when visitor visit the page. This is only conversion of the Ads.


[Conversion Code Installation & other checking]

1) just install the conversion code on the conversion page 

2) make sure when visitor click the ads, the ads will guide to the destination URL (which is the landing page). The gclid will show on the landing page URL

3) gclid will only show on the first visit landing page's URL. when visitor browse other pages in landing website, no need to redirect the gclid since Adwords cookie is created


[Remarketing Code Installation & other checking]

1) install the remarketing code on alll the pages of landing website

2) also install the remarekting code on conversion page 


[Wait to clarify issues]

1) as far as I understood, the conversion code ONLY needs to be installed in the convesion page. NO need to installed on every page (eg. landing pages).

Since google ads will create a 3rd party cookie when visitor click ads, when visitor finish conversion and the page fire conversion code to google ads, the conversion code will retrieve information in that 3rd party cookie and send to Adwords. So NO need to conversion code on every landing page. This will cause inaccurate conversion rate. Is my understanding correct?

2) gclid ONLY shows on destination page. After the visitor visit destination page, the other pages on landing website won't need to show the gclid in URL. Is my understanding correct?



I will appreciate if anyone could help me to clarify if my installation is correct. 

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Re: Cross Domain conversion code and remarketing code installation

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Hi edyywang,


This all sounds pretty good to me.


Regarding your questions at the bottom.


1. Yes, that is how Google AdWords conversion tracking functions.  You clearly know what the goals of the campaign are, I might even suggest that the conversion happen AFTER the sign up.  Technically all you're tracking now are essentially button clicks.  If someone clicks 'start free trial' and lands on the signup page, that counts as a conversion, regardless of whether they actually sign up or not.  


2. Correct. I would still also make sure, especially if you have control over both domains/websites that you have the proper cross-domain analytics tracking setup, including filters and domain exclusions can only help.  The nice part about AdWords Conversion tracking is that with the cookie, you can bypass some of the tracking difficulty with multiple sites.


Hope this helps!



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Cross Domain conversion code and remarketing code installation

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Hi PPCBossman,


Would this approach work if those 2 sites are in 2 different AdWords accounts? For example - will it work using a MCC account, with those 2 accounts included there?