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Converted Clicks vs Conversions Confusion

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Can somebody guide me with difference between Converted clicks & Conversions?


I have set up 2 conversion for my account: -

1) Sign up

2) Recharge


I have got 'X' Converted Clicks & 'Y' Conversions in my account. (Y is approx. 3 times of X).

Window settings is 30 days & Count Settings is ALL.


I understand that Converted Clicks is the unique visitors who signed up or recharged their account after clicking on my ad.


Then what does convesions (Y) stands for?

1) The total no of people who signed up on the website without clicking on the Ad?


2) The total no of people who signed up after clicking on the Ad?


Because it doesn't make sense that after clicking on the Ad once, more than 1 people are signing up from the same PC.


Please clarify.




Re: Converted Clicks vs Conversions Confusion

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Hi Anoop,

Welcome to the Adwords Community!

Please read the @theniks article related to this. Nikhil present this topic very interesting

Hope it will help! Smiley Happy


Re: Converted Clicks vs Conversions Confusion

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Converted clicks counts only one conversion per click. Conversions tracks all conversions per click. So, if a user completes both conversions:

Converted clicks = 1
Conversions = 2