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Conversions vs All Conversion client reporting

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Hello everyone,


in our agency we report the most to the most of our clients conversion data and we also work with other metrics like total conversion value, ROAS etc base on conversion data. I am also watching all conversion data including cross-device conversion and sometimes there is not that big of a difference, but sometimes there might be 50-100% difference between conversion data and all conversion data/total conversion value and all conversion value.


Of course I would like to report them mainly all conversions and base other metrics on that, because then numbers are getting from good to very good, but I feel like client be suspicious or sceptical about this, when we change the way we report numbers and suddenly everything seems to be running superbly.


How do you deal with this with your clients? Do you report conversions, all conversions or both? And on which metric do you report additional data like conversion value etc.


Thanks for your opinion on this matter,


Best regards,






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Re: Conversions vs All Conversion client reporting

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Hey Alex, how are things?

I feel that the client will become suspicious when there's no previous defined "deal" about this. Conversions and All Conversions are matter of view. Some clientes accept the view of All conversions when others don't even thing about them and just want to know the one conversions per user.

Personally, I think that clients like those are very narrow and can miss important things and points of optimization. Sometimes, this also happens because the professional/agency/freelancer/whatever never explained the usefulness of those metrics and how they're different from each other, so at some point, they feel cheated when hearing about All Conversion type.

I always to try to look and present both metrics, specially to see if the client have users willing to buy many products (which we can direct the strategy to it, create bundles, discount on volume and more) or if the user is just a one product buyer.

That's my view on this.
Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Conversions vs All Conversion client reporting

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This depends on the scenario.

If the clients funnel includes an upsell and a  "down sell" offers, I would report both converted clicks and all conversions. If it's just a "lead"  (e.g. Submit a form) I would report all conversions.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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