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Conversions not appearing - first click attribution

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Hi everyone,


Hoping someone can help me.


Recently set an AdWords campaign live and made some test conversions.


All the code has been implemented properly but the conversions are not showing up within the AdWords interface.


I spoke to someone at Google who said that because I have set the conversions up using the first click attribution model that the conversions will take longer to appear?


Has anyone had experience of this? I would like to be able to see these conversions in the system on the day they happen. The guy at Google was saying it could take 30 days to show??






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Conversions not appearing - first click attribution

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Hi Laura,

Imported conversions can take up to 24 hours to report and conversions recorded with the AW conversion code can take up to 3 hours, maybe more. I usually recommend against checking your conversion data the same day.

Conversions are reported on the date of the original click, not the date of the conversion itself. The normal window is 30 days, meaning the conversion count can change anytime withing that 30 days. That's probably what the Googler was telling you.

Best of Luck!




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Conversions not appearing - first click attribution

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Hi Laura,


Not sure if "the guy at Google" understood what you were asking.

While conversion data can show for up to 30 days normally that does not mean that every conversion you get should. If that is an Analytics imported goal check analytics and see if any conversion occurred for it to import at all.


Whether it is an AdWords or an Analytics code I would see if any conversion was recorded under tools >> conversions and if the conversion is included in the conversion column or not.


Lastly, I would double check the implementation or ask a professional to check it, it might be the case that a last minute change was made in the landing page and it is no longer firing the pixel, or that the pixel never fired in the first place - it was only seen by the pixel helper.  


Hope that helps Smiley Happy