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Conversions from Paused Campaign

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I recently received two conversions from a campaign that's been paused for several months. Does anyone know why this happened?

Re: Conversions from Paused Campaign

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Several months?? how many days exactly?
What Conversion window did you choose? The maximum conversion window is 90 days!
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Re: Conversions from Paused Campaign

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Hi Jennifer,

What is the conversion window setting for conversion in your account?
how long campaign is paused?

if you have chosen a conversion window of 90 days (90 days is maximum) conversion cookie will expires after 90 days. so if a user converted within 90 days after clicking an ad conversion will be attributed in that campaign.

so most probably reason behind getting conversion from a paused campaign is your conversion window setting days are greater then the time period of campaign being paused.

hope this helps!

Rahul Goel