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Conversions Not Matching Form Submissions

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So, I have a campaign that has had 109 conversions and 113 clicks over the last month on a survey linked to my google ad. Nevertheless, the form has actually been submitted far fewer than 109 times. Why is the conversion tracking not working properly? How can this problem be fixed? Is there a refund opportunity available?


Thank you very much.

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Re: Conversions Not Matching Form Submissions

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Hi Raison,
Welcome to the community.

First of all, you haven't given much info to go on. Imagine you're me (or anyone else on this forum) and you're reading that not knowing what you know now. We need a LOT more detail to be able to help.

It's like calling a mechanic on the phone and telling him that your car is not starting and asking him to explain why Smiley Happy

It sounds like this is a problem on your end with the conversion tracking not being installed correctly. You just said it's not working, you never said how it was set up, how many is FAR fewer, what is a conversion to you, how exactly are you tracking it, what's your website URL etc.

If you want to try explain it again, but this time, try explain the problem as you would to a child (seriously!), we might be able to provide answers. The more detail you can provide as well as a list of the help documents you've read and things you've tried to solve the problem yourself, the better the chance of helping you.
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Re: Conversions Not Matching Form Submissions

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Hi Raison R,

As Dave says, it's awfully hard to tell with this amount of information.

My best guess is you have the conversion code on the form page instead of the thank you page. It could be that the "thank you page" is actually delivered by Ajax (callback). If that's the case, the conversion code is implemented incorrectly.

A little more information would help us help you.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Conversions Not Matching Form Submissions

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Hey Dave and Pete


First of all, thank you Dave for the sound advice. I will most certainly follow it to the t next time. Pete, your deduction was exactly right. Fortunately, a very kind Google service rep helped me through the issue. Thank you both.