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Hi Team,


I'm in a very bad situation and need some good answers and advice, something which I'm finding hard to find in this difficult situation. The situation here is, I'm tracking 2 conversion actions in one account, one conversion action is when someone fills up a form (lead) and the other conversion action is when someone downloads the free trial product. I have a separate conversion code created for each action in the same account. Not the thing here is, a user clicks on my form fills ad and reaches the form fill landing page but does not fill up the form. After a few days he goes on the landing page of the free trial product (By clicking on an Ad/Organic Link) and downloads the free trial product which fires the download conversion code, which results in a conversion. The conversion is allocated to my Form Fill campaign. I don't want this to happen, cause I want my Form Fill Campaigns to track only the form fill conversions and the download campaigns to track only the download conversions.

(I'm willing to share more info if you need any to answer my query)


Please please help me with this. I'm not getting any help on this even from Google Support. Looking forward to the best possible answer/advice. 


Thank you in advance. 






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You will only be able to attribute a conversion (ANY conversion) back to the campaign/ad/keyword that was clicked. There is no way to credit the conversion to the other campaign if it did not receive a click that led to a conversion. (You can change the "attribution modeling" of a conversion action to something other than "last click", but that won't affect the specific situation you're talking about here.)

However, you can report on the conversion actions separately, so that you can see if/when one campaign led to the opposite conversion action. There are a couple of ways to get this info.
1) If you are creating a report in the "Reports" tab you can add "Conversion Action Name" as a column and see the totals for each conversion type.
2) In the Campaigns tab, you can create a Custom Column for each conversion type, so that you can see conversions from each campaign segmented by conversion type.
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Re: Conversion

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Hi Prasad,

There are 2 solutions that come to mind.

The first is to create 2 accounts that you can have linked in one MCC. Each account can then have its own conversion code that will not be triggered by the other.

The second is to use GA. It's a little tricky to think of the perfect set up but my initial idea is to set up your own conversion tracking with GTM. This is how I would go about doing it:

You manually tag the campaigns with a distinct parameter. You set up a custom script in GTM to look for that parameter. When it finds it you create a unique 1st party cookie for that user (a different cookie for each campaign). You then create a custom script in GTM that looks for that cookie at the conversion point. So if they came from campaign one and performed conversion 1 then the script will fire off event 1 to GA. You then use this event in GA for the goal. This way the goal would not trigger for the other campaign as the unique cookie would not exist. You can not import these goals though as the goal will be attributed to the last click and you will have the same issue.

There will be some crossover in the second solution as it will be possible for a user to have clicked both campaigns. There might also be a better way to do it. I am kind of just brainstorming here.

In short the easiest way would be to have 2 accounts.

That being said why is this such an issue? You are able to segment by conversion name and see what conversion the campaigns are driving. It is also useful to know if one campaign is bringing in qualified leads that may not be interested in what they were originally looking for but want the other product.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Re: Conversion

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Thanks for your advice Michael. Smiley Happy

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Thank you Clynton for taking out time to answer my query. Your advice is very useful, and infact, I also thought of creating a new account under one MCC, which would give me 2 different conversion codes making it easy to track each conversion type separately. The second option was a little difficult for me to understand as I'm not very familiar with GTM scripts.
This is an issue because I have to then manually calculate the cost/conv. and other values for Form Fills for each campaign.