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Conversion values not being recorded on tablets and mobile devices

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Back in March, I told a client that it would be a good idea to track the actual values of each online sale in Adwords. While I know the sale price of each product, buyers may buy more or buy a similar product at a different price point and that would be good to know.

Everything seemed great. But I have noticed something strange and can't find any reference to it. I figure those who are more expert in this might know and how to fix it.

Basically, very few values are recorded on tablets and mobile devices.

Some are but definitely not all. On tablets since April, we have had 301 conversions but the total value recorded is only $135, which is impossible. Same kind of thing on mobile devices: 47 sales generating less than $100 in revenues.

I can see the data day by day. There are purchases on tablets being recorded but most times, no hardly ever revenue numbers.

This happens occasionally on desktops but only twice as far as I can tell in 1764 conversions.

So my two-part question is:

1. What is causing this? A problem on our end or the conversion value tracker itself?

2. How to fix this?

Re: Conversion values not being recorded on tablets and mobile devices

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Okay, this sounds like it's related to the conversion value tracking on your clients website.

Did it start happening after an update or a change of page structure perhaps? Is there a specific tracking snippet used on the mobile/tablet version of the site? Or is it a site that is dynamically resized for mobile and tablet? Either way it definitely sounds like a coding issue if it's working fine for desktop. 

"Value of this conversion action may vary: If you pick this setting, you'll need to edit the tag to send transaction-specific values. You'll also need to choose a default value and currency that can be used in case your tag has technical issues and fails to send a value."

Did you set a default value? If not this will also indicate that the codes are not working correctly on the mobile/resized version of the site. 


More info here could be useful:


I hope this was helpful, sorry I can't give you a specific answer, when you figure it out please let me know! Smiley Happy

Re: Conversion values not being recorded on tablets and mobile devices

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It always has been that way since the tracking code was installed. I'm don't know the technical details of how the site is built. I think it's PHP but don't quote me and it shouldn't matter. I do know it is mobile friendly and have been informed they check for this every day.

It would be easier and make more sense if the values were never recorded on conversions. But since most conversions don't return a sale value, I figure it's something with Google's code. The same behavior should be observed no matter the device used so this doesn't make any sense.