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Conversion tracking without conversion page

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Hi all


I want to implement conversion tracking for an online store. We have about 6 payment methods. For some of them the payment can be done directly and I can show to the user a "thank you" page. However, for the other payment methods the payment is not directly. For example you come to my site and want to buy a pair of shoes, go to the buying page and click the button buy. The system generates digits code. With this code you go to pay cash, lets say to e terminal. After you pay  my online store gets a notification that you have paid. But iin this case there is no thank you page, because the payment is cash


How it is possble in this situation to implement conversion tracking?

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Re: Conversion tracking without conversion page

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I am not sure I understand this completely but let me know if this is possible.

Can you put conversion code where sytems generats code for cash transaction. I believe that happens on your website.

Downside is, It will consider conversions for each time code is generated irrespective of user paying by cash or not


Hope this helps


Regards, Nik
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Re: Conversion tracking without conversion page

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Hi kaloyanns,


You could try Analytics event tracking as a goal and attach the event to the link or button that sends them off to the third party payment system. The problem with doing that is that if the user drops out of the covnersion process (does not complete the transaction) your reports will indicate they did complete the conversion.


If there is a customized "thank you" page for your transactions, you can place the AdWords conversion code on that page to record conversions.


Best of Luck!




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