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Conversion tracking, multiple phone numbers on the same page

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I read a few similar questions, but they all date back to 2015. Wondering if something's changed.



Sales page contains 2 phones number of 2 different sales people.



How can you tell Google to replace the 2 numbers with different forwarding extensions?


Solution here mentions a single number per page:


Thank you

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Re: Conversion tracking, multiple phone numbers on the same page

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Give this a try. Let's assign a different class name to the 2 phone numbers, "phone1" with "number1", and "phone2" with "number2". Now, we can use the same code for each, just call it twice. In the body_onload a call is made to _googWcmGet(target, business_number, options). Let's forget about the options for now. Where I have nubmer1 and number2, replace with the actual phone numbers.


The body tag will look something like this:


<body onload="_googWcmGet('phone1','number1');_googWcmGet('phone2','number2');">


I can not guarantee this will work! I don't know how Google determines the forwarding number. If it is determined by the phone number sent with the call, this probably doesn't work. If they somehow identify the campaign or account from other code on the page, it should work. If it does not work, you'll need a more customized version of the code. Basically, you would make the call to _googWcmGet() in the body onload, find the phone number that Google returns, then place that phone number where the second phone number is.


Something like this:

<body onload="_googWcmGet('phone1','number1');updatePhone2();">

<span id=phone1>1-800-555-5555</span>

<span id=phone2>1-800-555-6666</span>

<script type=text/javascript>

function updatePhone2() {


  if (googleNumber # 'number1' {

    document.getElementById('phone2').innerHTML = googleNumber;





First, we get the Google number, then update phone2. Before updating phone2, check to see if the number in phone1 has changed. If not, leave the default number in place.


Best of Luck!




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Conversion tracking, multiple phone numbers on the same page

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thank you for the detailed reply